A guide to casino betting

A guide to casino betting

Few regular pursuits offer the same sense of excitement and considerable adrenaline rushes as a big win at the casino. Contrary to popular belief, making a triumphant visit to a gaming station is not purely down to luck, though good fortune of course plays a substantial part in proceedings.

There is, inevitably, a significant amount of risk taken with any form of Thunderstruck casino slot machine gaming. There are also, however, a number of universal tips and strategies you can follow to, at the very least, minimise the advantage the house holds over the player and give yourself the best possible chance of success.

Much of this advice is simple common sense. Make a limit and, above all else, stick to it. It’s important you don’t get drawn into the trap of thinking ‘just one more try’. You can never be certain that the next game will be the one that brings the jackpot, so if it’s not your night, accept it, admit defeat and don’t get carried away.

Research is another invaluable asset to gaming. Finding which casinos offer the best house odds for your favoured game can help you make the most of your chances.

Of course, research should also always involve practice, which is where taking advantage of the many free online games to help hone your skills and routines comes in. Ladbrokes Casino, for example, is the ideal place to perfect your methods and determine your set moves for any particular circumstances or eventualities.

One such game where practice can pay off is the old favourite, blackjack. A common system to employ is progressive blackjack betting. Here, the player stays out with an initial fixed bet. For each win, increase the current bet by the same initial amount and for each loss bet the current amount minus the original fixed bet.

Providing you are winning the game you will continue to raise your bets and, therefore, your winnings. When you start losing, the descending order means you will always be playing within your means.

To further increase your chances of success there are a few facts about blackjack or iphone scratch cards that are essential to remember. First, the good news is that blackjack is the only casino game that offers the house an edge that is lower than one per cent.

In a standard 52-card deck there are 16 cards with a value of 10 (30 per cent of the deck). When in a casino, you usually play with eight decks, thus a standard game of blackjack will include 128 cards with a value of 10. Adding in the eight and nine cards increases your chances of getting a higher number to 46 per cent.

This enables you to, by examining what is in your hand, establish a rough estimate as to what the dealer may have in his. The likelihood is the dealer will have at least one card that is eight, nine or 10. Look at the dealer’s face-up card; if it’s a 10 there is a reasonable chance the other card (face-down) will be worth either eight, nine or 10.

For example, if you hit a hard 13, getting a ten would mean you’d go bust. If the dealer’s up card is a six, the chances of them busting is 42 per cent. This is further complicated by the fact that a number of casinos don’t allow you to stand on anything that is 15 or below.

Some games, of course, offer a greater chance of employing a strategy than online sports betting sites. Slots and roulette, for example, leave little room for manoeuvre in terms of deliberate planning. That does not mean, however, that they should be played aimlessly and without thought. It’s about having fun after all!